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10 Sep

Monday Memo No.1 : How to make the Best of your Week

Monday’s don’t always have the best reputation! Fortunately, the Monday blues don’t necessarily have to take over your entire week.   Feeling in a funk?  Here are a few things you can do to shake it off? Not in a funk, per se? These steps could potentially make your week even better !



Meditation is the best thing to do when you need to really tune into yourself, meditate on positive affirmations, bibe verses, thoughts of the week etc.  There are no rules to it, only you, your thoughts and deep breathing.


Write all of the things you wish to accomplish this week, why it means something to you and how you plan to accomplish those things listed, gracefully.




Although shopping doesn’t solve everything, it solves enough and also gives you something to look forward to at the end of the week. What do I do? Open up roughly 10 tabs of my favorite retailers, pick the best promos, and go crazy.  There is nothing like ordering a dress to arrive just in time for the weekend. Cant find a sale? This site literally cuts you a check just to shop!




BEST WITH COFFEE : Your Favorite Coffeehouse

FOCUS: Perfect Concentration  OR Deep Focus

MOOD CHANGER : Feelin’ Good

MY FAV: Are & Be



Don’t be that friend that calls and dumps all of your problems and worry on a person, then hangs up.  Phone a friend to go out for drinks, vent a little and then cheers to getting over it.  Work weeks can be stressful, but thats what Happy Hour and friends are for!


Simply put,  do I like running because of the athletic gain, eh, not so much, even though the glow up is real.  I run because of the feeling thats released during and afterwards. I get in my head for a lot of things and sometimes its best for me to think about those things and just run it out.  Its totally liberating and the adrenaline rush is insane.  As dramatic as it sounds, I even play “RUNAWAY” by Kanye West.  It works.  Try is sometime. lol


When it’s time for “Me Time” it is best to unplug and spend time with self, in a non depressing way. I text the ppl that I know will probably contact me during those moments with a simple “FYO, I’m unplugging in 10 min” and the ones closest understand I’m unavailable for chats, happy hours etc. and then I turn on my Spotify, mood determines channel, and I write, read or  even cuddle on the couch for a Netflix and wine session.  Whatever you need to do to decompress durning the week, do it!

It will so be worth your sanity for the remainder of the week.  


If you have any more ways to make the Best of your Week, I’d love to hear it!

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29 Aug

So, I moved to Europe !

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Yes, EUROPE !  Life has a funny way of mapping things out, literally. I received so many questions and  the most common question, “Why Europe?”  Truth is, Ive always wanted to live in Europe, but never took the leap of faith, until an opportunity presented itself that I simply could not pass up. If someone told me a year ago that I would pause the life I had in Houston, pack my bags and relocate, I would probably think they were out of their mind, yet here I am, lol!  There is something about just taking a chance and fully immersing myself into the idea of it all.  I also received questions asking  how I knew this was the best decision and what steps were taken in finalizing the ultimate decision. Beyond researching Europe, packing and placing my life in storage,  Ive listed 3 key factors + feels   used to make the decision  a little bit easier!



1.Make a Pro's and Con's list

Although my pro’s and con’s list was short and sweet, it was crucial to the first step!  Its always good to see your thoughts on paper, especially when you have second thoughts and need to review for reassurance.  As I looked at my list I realized that my cons were not major deal breakers, so it was a go for me.

My Pros and Cons List:

  • Pros: Embrace a new Culture // Adopt a fresh mindset // Travel
  • Cons: Language Barrier //  Will miss Friends and Family //Leave my Houston Lifestyle behind


2. Evaluate your reality and what initiated the thought of making a change

I kept telling myself  “My life is good as it is”, which could have been the fear of change talking.  But after careful evaluation and digging deeper, I realized that mentally, I was stagnant in my career in the corporate industry, uninspired and had no clue what the next chapter in my life would look like.  I was freaking out and all over the place.  It was time to compartmentalize all of the things that were revealed. In conclusion, I knew I was long overdue for change, and not just something new and fun, but something with substance and purpose.

3. Just do it!

Easier said than done, right?! Truth be told, I’m an over thinker, its just who I am, I over analyze, to the degree that some things get placed on the back burner until I am forced to make a decision.  After revisiting old journal entries, vision boards and re-caping the last 10 years of my life, I noticed that I accomplished so much, but did I do the things I said I would do? Was I living life to the fullest?  Living out my full potential? and if I were to look back at this year and opportunity, would there be regret? There are so many questions and what if’s but, you will never know unless you indulge in the things that are a little scary and unfamiliar.  In conclusion, I had to just do it, whats the best that can happen?!

Need more?  If you are looking for a good read and need a clear guide to shift your mindset, I recommend

The Invisible Chameleon

by Michelle Smith

Click image above to Shop

I hope you enjoyed reading my latest blog entry! I’d love to hear your stories and the steps you take or have taken when faced with changing areas of your life!  Please  feel free to share your questions and comments below.

28 Apr

What I Wore + My Fav High Leg Bikini’s

6 Apr

New Beginnings + My Mantra …

Top: BCBGMAXAZRIA /Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Handbag : Tory Burch (similar)

Photos By: KnightNDayVisions


It’s interesting how the seasons and weather can play an integral role in our moods and overall happiness.  As I’m entering this new season and approaching my 30th birthday, I’ve been having thoughts that I need a reboot, refresh, or something that will get me back into feeling truly like myself while continuing my pursuit of happiness.  Living my best life and knowing that I’m working towards being brave, conquering my fears and trusting the process is an absolute must.

When Spring Cleaning leads to Self-Reflection

As I was spring cleaning this past weekend,  I revisited old journals and noticed that I wrote down dreams, aspirations and so many things to have completed by my 30th, some were completed while others never came to pass.  So, naturally, I panicked, thinking why haven’t these ideas been executed? am I not as ambitious as I once was? and what’s getting in the way of me truly living my full potential?  The thing is, life just happened, but it is up to me to ensure I am in full control of the things that I can control. Although change is constant, taking the small steps daily to instill a routine of progression and work towards the things to execute goals cant be something that gets placed on the back burner.

Note to Self

Know yourself, Don’t compare

Don’t overthink; everything is & everything isn’t

Allow daily affirmations to be your guide

Do what makes you happy, nothing more, nothing less

Don’t beat yourself up, just trust the process 

 I literally live my life based upon feels, not facts.  I love the feeling of smiling, being happy and inspired, and I will do whatever it takes to keep me in that state of mind.

Self Analysis

The only competition that I should have is Me vs Me.  Growth is the biggest picture and I cannot grow if im comparing myself to others, and not being true to myself.

Ever heard the saying, ” The only person standing in the way of you, is you”?

I never wanted to admit it, but I can honestly say, I got in the way of what I wanted to be and where I wanted to go. The good news, its never too late to face my fears and conquer everything that I set out to conquer.  Its all in the mindset and disposition.

Sometimes we don’t know our goals or even our fears until we list or say them out loud

 I had to ask myself …

What will it take to conquer you?

How are you holding you back?

Am I too comfortable?

What can I do or strive to accomplish that really scares me but will ultimately push me forward?

What do I really want in life?

Why haven’t I gotten there yet?

What are my biggest fears?

Once I answered these questions, I realized, at this moment in time, I have a pretty dope life and my goals are even more dope.  I can truly say that I have learned ALOT about myself during my 20’s and now is the chapter of executing everything that I want.

My Mantra..

Whatever you lay your eyes upon, is yours


The beginning of every new season is always a great time to re-center ourselves and create new goals to accomplish.

I’d love to hear your goals, tips and steps while I embark on this new and improved pursuit of happiness!

31 Mar

OOTD + Spring Finds

Dress : TOPSHOP  / Similar Dress : ASOS| Handbag : Tory Burch (similar)| Watch: Michael Kors

Throwing on a cutesy dress always puts me in the mood for spring shopping .  The weather has not fully caught on that its officially spring, so I’m capitalizing on my transitional lightweight neutrals that can be worn on those” in- between ” weather days.  This is also a perfect time to indulge in end of the season sales.  Today I’m rounding up my Spring Sale Edit ( all under $100)!

I hope you enjoy !

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Photos By: KnightNDayVisions

14 Mar

Feels & Inspo : Fitness Mojo

I‘ve caught the fitness bug and I’m uber excited about it! In the beginning, working out was more of a chore and I was never consistent with the routine or the results.  I’m not a hard core workout person, but I will attend a cross fit maybe at least once a month.  I don’t get excited about sweating and being out of breathe, its not pretty or necessary.  However, I prefer cute  and affective workouts like barre, pilates and even a fun little hip-hop dance class (Which is ah-mazing at Equinox BTW).  This brings me to my next point, perception.  My perception of things dictate my motivation. If I invest in trendy workout gear, attend a bomb  gym with a dope atmosphere, and schedule my workout routines accordingly, the rest is history.  Want your fitness mojo back ?  I’ve got you covered!

How to get your fitness Mojo back

Once you start, it goes up from there

The hardest part of going to the gym, is simply that, going!   I’m a morning person, so the easiest way for me to ensure that I go to the gym is to sometimes sleep in my workout clothes.  How does this help? It conditions my mind and gives me a sense of urgency as soon as I wake up.  My mind goes straight to the gym vs scrolling through my Instagram timeline (we’re all guilty of it).  Also, group classes at my gym fill up so fast so I book my classes online a day in advance.  That way, my excuse wont be that there were no classes available.  Also, by booking online, it holds me accountable, and cancelling a class is worse than quitting to me, its like quitting before starting.  If you are not a morning person, I suggest packing a gym bag at night and placing it at your front door so you wont forget to take it to work.  Also set a timer to alert you an hour before your class or even during lunch.  This will help with prepping your mind and getting it ready for the gym.  Remember, we always make time for what we want to do, so make time for being a better you.

Find what you enjoy

Finding what workouts you enjoy is crucial for your fitness mojo.  If you don’t enjoy it, you wont do it. I’m not a fan or machines, I’ll use them, but lets be honest, I will only spend 30 min on a Stairmaster or treadmill.  I enjoy group fitness more, hands down.  There’s something about surrounding yourself with people that have similar fitness goals and working together to achieve success.  It also opens up doors for networking and finding your next accountability partner ( without the cost of a PT).  I cannot tell you how many people I’ve met in a group class that I will randomly text to see what classes we can do together in the near future.

Mix it up & try new things

Even though I know what I like, I’m not oppose to trying new things.  There are so many classes at Equinox, and there are always new classes, which allow countless opportunities to discover a new favorite workout.  Not going to lie, I literally will read the title and be sold on the idea, until I get intimidated by the flexibility ranking or the description of the class.  Anytime I get into that mindset, I book the class, face my fears, and end up having the time of my life. You will never know, until you try.

Challenge yourself

The biggest challenge is self and  motivation.  The quickest way to challenge yourself?  Set  personal body/workout/eating  goals for yourself to keep you on track.  Ask yourself what challenges you face in the gym and own up to the challenge.   My current goal is to feel happy and comfortable within my body and mind, and of course to trust the process.

Create a BA playlist

Music motivates me like no other, it changes the mood instantly. Its so necessary to create a dope workout playlist, which will allow anyone to  power through a lengthy workout sesh.

Shift your mind

Motivation starts with the mind. Hitting the weights, running, dancing gets you physically fit.  But you have to also keep your mind in tip top shape, and take care of your self as a whole. Mental health is just as important as physical health. I always will recommend  a yoga/ meditation class.  I prefer yoga/meditation at the beginning and the end of the week as a time to reflect and refresh my mind. Yoga really helps me because it allows me to focus on self, breathing and understanding my body which is very necessary.  A lot of people shy away from yoga because it can be a bit intimidating with all of the forms & movement that take place.  The cool part, yoga space is a no judgment zone.  No one is worried about how flexible you are,  everyone is pouring into themselves and although you may not achieve flexibility during one session, you will know more about yourself and feel so much better for  pushing yourself to a better you.


If you look good, you feel good!

Want to make it a little easier in achieving the look?  Click the links below to Shop :

Give your Gym Wardrobe a boost in a Fab  Co-ord.


Rock a pair of dope Wireless headphones

13 Mar

Project Perfect: 10 Steps to Refresh your Mind and Body

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Project Perfect is a is a personal project that I exercise each year around this time or whenever I need a little life refresher.  ”


Although the title of Project Perfect sounds full of vanity, it’s more than skin deep and involves a little soul searching . Definition? Simply perfecting every area of my life that I have full control of.  No one is perfect, but that doesn’t mean you cant perfect your life

( in a non obsessive way).

Why Start? 

Sometimes, we don’t have control of the things that happen around us or to us, but we do have control of how we present ourselves, how we respond to things, our thoughts, dreams and aspirations. With having an understanding and control of the little things, greater things will follow.

First, Find your Happy.

Finding my happy is very important to me.  In order to find my happiness, I have to work backwards and ask myself what wouldn’t make me happy? And the answer,  is  being regretful, uninspired and stagnant. Pinpointing who I don’t want to be, allows me  to decide who I want to be and also promotes self awareness.  My definition of self awareness is having a clear perception of my personality, including my strengths, weaknesses , thoughts , beliefs, motivation and emotions.

My happy is freedom, I try not to over-think the simple things or take myself too serious. The things that have made me the most happy have been things that I have done on impulse.  Risky yes, regretful eh, give or take, but in the end they make for good stories, growth and laughs.

Set Goals

Ever heard the saying ” If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”  this is 100% true.  Setting clear and concise goals shows that you care about who you want to be and what you want to accomplish in life. Its always good to jot down short term and long term goals , read them aloud and execute accordingly.


Traveling always allows me to reinvent myself, explore and clear my mind . My favorite place is simple, New York, Manhattan to be exact.  Its just something about New York that brings out the curiosity in me.  I love the city lights, fashion, styles, uniquenes and the sense of urgency that the city holds. I shift, my disposition changes and my motivation takes over. As cliche as it sounds, its magical.

Fully Immerse

Although setting goals can be great, it can also be a little scary. The questions arise, will this work? What if it doesn’t? Fears can come into play, but this is not the time to hold back, this is the time to give it your all.   Fears can lead to procrastination and dreams deferred.  In order to tackle this head on, I like to write down my fears and fully immerse myself into them, allowing me to shift my train of thought, face my fears and execute goals I’ve set for myself.

Get to know yourself better

Spend time with yourself and really embark in  soul searching. It’s always good to meditate and reflect on everything that you have going on. I like to clear my mind, organize my thoughts and reflect on past successes as well as future opportunities.

Take on a new hobby or Perfect your Craft

In the past, I had a bad habit of picking up hobbies after ending a relationship. During this process, I would try to show my ex that I’m better without him. (I’m sure we’re all guilty of this, I’m sure.) I became so in love with the process that I found myself forgetting about my ex and focusing on myself and all of my greatness! I then discovered how much time I actually had to myself to enjoy life. Now I like to take my time that I have to myself to perfect my craft and explore new hobbies. #Favhobby = a bomb hip-hop dance class. Give me a cropped sweat set, Nike hat,  good choreography session and I’m all in.

Write it down post it and execute

If you walk into my house you will notice that I have sticky notes in my windows overlooking the city and/or on my bathroom mirror. I believe that seeing is believing. If I constantly see words of affirmation in front of me, they become me. I like placing positive quotes/words on my mirror. What does this do for me? This conditions my mind to think differently and focus on what life is truly about. I like reading my notes and creating positive vibes before walking out of my comfort zone (my apartment ) into the real world . It’s almost like a shield of positive protection just in case things get too real out there lol.

Pour into yourself

Investing in others or material things are hella and easy. I invest in superficial things a little more that expected, but , it is what it is, I fully accept that flaw lol. Sometimes I find myself hesitating when it pertains to me really investing in things I want to accomplish.  The key is finding that balance, that happy medium. If I can pay thousands for pretty shoes, I can invest in myself too, no excuses. Also, why would someone invest in me if I’m not investing in myself.

Be Unapologetic

Project prefect is about you and how you can achieve your perfect. It’s ok to be a little selfish and unapologetic. Unapologetic sometimes has a bad rep, but it’s simple- have no regrets. By fully immersing yourself and crafting your Project Perfect you won’t have any regrets as this is a major key to a lifestyle change and years of happiness.

“Strive for perfection. Settle for excellence. ”

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12 Mar

But First, COFFEE…

	Favorite Coffee Shop of the Week : Tout Suite

(You should totally indulge if you are in Houston)

Happy Monday!

It feels as if the weekends are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder but I can’t let that stop me from having an amazing week ! To start the week off proper, I’m sharing a few words of inspo and cute daily printables for Monday – Saturday to help jumpstart your productive & satisfying week !

I hope you enjoy!

Daily Planner for the Week

(Created by Yours Truly)

Click HERE to Download and Print

11 Mar

Saturday Feels

Early Saturday mornings are usually reserved for solitude. My solitude essentials consist of my linen candle, white roses, Diddy Pandora station, a tabula rasa (Latin phrase often translated as “blank slate”) and a little dancing in between epiphanies.


Its self love and allows the time to fully emerge and focus on self.  It’s ok to be a little selfish in this department.  As much as I love waking up to the sounds and views of the city, it doesn’t hurt to pull down my blackout curtains, change my phone settings to “Do Not Disturb” and dive into my goals, visions and accomplishments for an hour or two.

I have compiled a list of 5 reasons why self-love is the best love below:


Although Tinashe’s “Too On” is the groove, its not always the best approach when it comes to your brain.  Constantly being “on” doesn’t give your brain the time to rest and revitalize. Try yoga, reading, or setting time aside for a nap in the park.  Enjoy the silence.


As you remove yourself from the distractions and interruptions of the world (good or bad), you are able to concentrate and become more productive with executing your thoughts or things that you have put on the back burner.


When in a group setting whether at work, or weekend coffee talks, people are more likely to agree or go along with someone who shares similar views. Utilize the “me time” for self-evaluation. A simple approach, Exercise the 5 W’s: Who are you? What do you stand for/What is your purpose? When do you want to execute those goals? Where are you in life/where do you want to be in life? And the Whys of your world.


By spending time with yourself and gaining a better understanding of who you are, it really puts everything in perspective.  From who you choose t surround yourself with to how you, not others, want to spend your valuable time.


Although it can be challenging when you have so much incoming information i.e. instagram feeds, emails, and texts messages, it is time to unplug.  Deep thought and clarity can ignite creativity and increases productivity.  It is time to walk away from the never-ending checklist, breathe and listen to your thoughts.

Solitude is very important and so necessary.  Be a better you and indulge in a little me time, you wont regret it.

9 Mar

What I Wore : Sunday’s Go-To Look

A s you may know, Sunday’s in Houston are the best for brunching and catching up with girlfriends.  As brunching can easily turn into an all day event , it is wise to dress comfy and up-to-the-minute.  I love everything about The Rigsby Contrast-Sleeve Jumpsuit by BCBGMAXAZRIA, it is hands down, an essential piece.  The featured look gives off effortless chic vibes, and to top it all off, this polyester number is insanely comfortable.  I’ve discovered that this must-have piece works for just about any occasion.  With the help of a tailored fit and unique details, the day time to night time chic look is easily achieved.


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