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6 Apr

New Beginnings + My Mantra …

Top: BCBGMAXAZRIA /Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Handbag : Tory Burch (similar)

Photos By: KnightNDayVisions


It’s interesting how the seasons and weather can play an integral role in our moods and overall happiness.  As I’m entering this new season and approaching my 30th birthday, I’ve been having thoughts that I need a reboot, refresh, or something that will get me back into feeling truly like myself while continuing my pursuit of happiness.  Living my best life and knowing that I’m working towards being brave, conquering my fears and trusting the process is an absolute must.

When Spring Cleaning leads to Self-Reflection

As I was spring cleaning this past weekend,  I revisited old journals and noticed that I wrote down dreams, aspirations and so many things to have completed by my 30th, some were completed while others never came to pass.  So, naturally, I panicked, thinking why haven’t these ideas been executed? am I not as ambitious as I once was? and what’s getting in the way of me truly living my full potential?  The thing is, life just happened, but it is up to me to ensure I am in full control of the things that I can control. Although change is constant, taking the small steps daily to instill a routine of progression and work towards the things to execute goals cant be something that gets placed on the back burner.

Note to Self

Know yourself, Don’t compare

Don’t overthink; everything is & everything isn’t

Allow daily affirmations to be your guide

Do what makes you happy, nothing more, nothing less

Don’t beat yourself up, just trust the process 

 I literally live my life based upon feels, not facts.  I love the feeling of smiling, being happy and inspired, and I will do whatever it takes to keep me in that state of mind.

Self Analysis

The only competition that I should have is Me vs Me.  Growth is the biggest picture and I cannot grow if im comparing myself to others, and not being true to myself.

Ever heard the saying, ” The only person standing in the way of you, is you”?

I never wanted to admit it, but I can honestly say, I got in the way of what I wanted to be and where I wanted to go. The good news, its never too late to face my fears and conquer everything that I set out to conquer.  Its all in the mindset and disposition.

Sometimes we don’t know our goals or even our fears until we list or say them out loud

 I had to ask myself …

What will it take to conquer you?

How are you holding you back?

Am I too comfortable?

What can I do or strive to accomplish that really scares me but will ultimately push me forward?

What do I really want in life?

Why haven’t I gotten there yet?

What are my biggest fears?

Once I answered these questions, I realized, at this moment in time, I have a pretty dope life and my goals are even more dope.  I can truly say that I have learned ALOT about myself during my 20’s and now is the chapter of executing everything that I want.

My Mantra..

Whatever you lay your eyes upon, is yours


The beginning of every new season is always a great time to re-center ourselves and create new goals to accomplish.

I’d love to hear your goals, tips and steps while I embark on this new and improved pursuit of happiness!

31 Mar

OOTD + Spring Finds

Dress : TOPSHOP  / Similar Dress : ASOS| Handbag : Tory Burch (similar)| Watch: Michael Kors

Throwing on a cutesy dress always puts me in the mood for spring shopping .  The weather has not fully caught on that its officially spring, so I’m capitalizing on my transitional lightweight neutrals that can be worn on those” in- between ” weather days.  This is also a perfect time to indulge in end of the season sales.  Today I’m rounding up my Spring Sale Edit ( all under $100)!

I hope you enjoy !

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Photos By: KnightNDayVisions

11 Mar

#The List : Friday Favorites

Im so happy to celebrate the first Friday of February & share my favorite finds that I’ve curated up  this week!

I hope  you’ll love my latest roundup of Friday Faves !

Shopping at my old stomping grounds, Saks Fifth Avenue,  is such a treat, I always find something that I simply cannot live without. and it’s always so good to run into my old buddies… In my recent visit, A former colleague  informed me of the Viktor & Rolf Fragrance, “Dancing Roses”  & Lets just say, I’m a little obsessed

Favorite Scent

Favorite Ribbed Bodycon Dress

I am a sucker for anything that hugs my curves, and this little number, might just be it!  I love how versatile it is and its super affordable.

Favorite Yoga / Barre Gear

Even though i’m not as flexible as I want to be, my wardrobe doesn’t have to suffer…. this collection = Bomb… I don’t think I’ll ever skip another Barre/Yoga class again!

Favorite Feels

Anyone who knows me know that I live for experiences, feels and places that allow me to thrive and feel the most alive. (love this)

9 Mar

What I Wore : Sunday’s Go-To Look

A s you may know, Sunday’s in Houston are the best for brunching and catching up with girlfriends.  As brunching can easily turn into an all day event , it is wise to dress comfy and up-to-the-minute.  I love everything about The Rigsby Contrast-Sleeve Jumpsuit by BCBGMAXAZRIA, it is hands down, an essential piece.  The featured look gives off effortless chic vibes, and to top it all off, this polyester number is insanely comfortable.  I’ve discovered that this must-have piece works for just about any occasion.  With the help of a tailored fit and unique details, the day time to night time chic look is easily achieved.


12 Feb


Houston is filled with rainy days especially during this time of year.  WITH THE WEATHER, IT’S  so easy to be super lazy, cozy up in front of a fire place and hibernate, but truth be told, rainy days are my absolute fav.  I have a few signature pieces that I’m obsessed with, it allows me to channel my INNER urban chiC-NESS.  Want the featured look ? I’ve got you covered!


31 Dec

Currently Coveting : The Color-Block Leggings I’m Into Right Now

Lately, I’ve been into utilizing pieces in my closet that don’t get half as much exposure that it deserves. I recently wore one of my fav pair of leggings from BCBGMAXAZRIA and I was quickly reminded that the versatility is endless!  I’ve already curated more outfits in my head to pair with the featured staple piece. Its all about slimming color-blocked leggings that elongate the legs while adding a bold and modern twist!

Love it ? I’d love to hear your feedback, Please comment below  & Get the look for under $50!

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