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11 Feb

Monday Mantra No.4

Happy Monday Loves! To start the week off proper, I’m sharing my Mantra of the week as well as Daily Productivity Printables to help jumpstart your productive & satisfying week!

M a n t r a :

You Didn’t Come This Far to Only Come This Far

This mantra is a great reminder of how far we have come. By waking up every morning and repeating this mantra, you remind yourself of all the success that you have had in your life and are ready to tackle the day. It makes you realize that if we were to quit, as we all have a tendency to do from time to time, how much we would actually be giving up.

Daily Productivity Planner

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What are some of your favorite Mantras that help you through your work weeks? I’d love to hear all about them and what they mean to you!

Leave a comment below!

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15 Sep

Ask me Anything | September Q+A

Happy Saturday loves! I always get a ton of questions about blogging, fashion, where I shop and what I am loving. I decided that now would be the perfect opportunity, to do a little blog Q & A post for all of the questions previously submitted last week. So here goes.

What trends are you currently following ?

I am currently still loving the fanny pack trend. I thought it was over, until I moved to Europe and now I find myself searching for all types of fanny packs. I might have bitten off more than I can chew. Also, Im so loving mules and slide-ons, there are so many different styles and its perfect for a chic and trendy look.  Ive listed a few of my favorite styles below:



Where do you get your style inspiration from?

I get the majority of my inspiration from street style, magazines and style/fashion books; Outlets like FashionBombDaily, Vogue and People StyleWatch to name a few.  I am obsessed with  Editorial Photography books from different designers and powerhouses. I especially love Vogue: The Covers.

What are your go-to places to shop?

Im a little biased because I worked in retail for  years, so BCBGMAXAZRIA and Saks Fifth Avenue will always be my favorites especially for classic staple pieces. Also, if I want cutesy trendy looks and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, I also love BCBGenerationNordstrom, Zara and Topshop.

What are your favorite skin care products?

I love Drunk Elephant, its super addictive. My best friend introduced me to the products, and my skin adores it.

You post a lot about vibes and mood, how do you keep the "happy go lucky" vibe up on a day to day basis?

Sometimes the happy go lucky vibe is effortless and there are times in which it can also be challenging. When it is challenging, affirmations and meditation  is key. I have to dedicate quality time and silence for myself every morning, even if it is for 5 minutes. Here are some meditation apps that I love.

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 Simple Habit // Think up // Headspace Meditation

What do you feel the most confident in?

I feel the most confident in  shift dresses, statement jackets and cutesy shoes. Effortlessly chic looks are the my absolute fav.

What foundation would you recommend for darker skin complexions?

In the past, I have used Nars, MAC and Makeup Forever.  These brands have it down to a science as it relates to a variety of skin tones. I’ve listed below the types/tones I’ve personally used.

Are you currently reading any books, or do you have any suggestions on books to read?

I am currently re-reading Rachel Roy , Design your life. I love re-reading books every couple of years. So much change and growth happens within that time frame, its almost like I am reading a new book,  the interpretation is always different and I discover something new each time. I would also recommend the Alchemist. Its a classic and its always inspiring.

I hope you enjoyed Ask me Anything : September Q+A !  Feel free to comment below or on my IG for the next Q+A! Anything fashion, dating, life, work, you name it! I will answer it!
29 Aug

So, I moved to Europe !

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Yes, EUROPE !  Life has a funny way of mapping things out, literally. I received so many questions and  the most common question, “Why Europe?”  Truth is, Ive always wanted to live in Europe, but never took the leap of faith, until an opportunity presented itself that I simply could not pass up. If someone told me a year ago that I would pause the life I had in Houston, pack my bags and relocate, I would probably think they were out of their mind, yet here I am, lol!  There is something about just taking a chance and fully immersing myself into the idea of it all.  I also received questions asking  how I knew this was the best decision and what steps were taken in finalizing the ultimate decision. Beyond researching Europe, packing and placing my life in storage,  Ive listed 3 key factors + feels   used to make the decision  a little bit easier!



1.Make a Pro's and Con's list

Although my pro’s and con’s list was short and sweet, it was crucial to the first step!  Its always good to see your thoughts on paper, especially when you have second thoughts and need to review for reassurance.  As I looked at my list I realized that my cons were not major deal breakers, so it was a go for me.

My Pros and Cons List:

  • Pros: Embrace a new Culture // Adopt a fresh mindset // Travel
  • Cons: Language Barrier //  Will miss Friends and Family //Leave my Houston Lifestyle behind


2. Evaluate your reality and what initiated the thought of making a change

I kept telling myself  “My life is good as it is”, which could have been the fear of change talking.  But after careful evaluation and digging deeper, I realized that mentally, I was stagnant in my career in the corporate industry, uninspired and had no clue what the next chapter in my life would look like.  I was freaking out and all over the place.  It was time to compartmentalize all of the things that were revealed. In conclusion, I knew I was long overdue for change, and not just something new and fun, but something with substance and purpose.

3. Just do it!

Easier said than done, right?! Truth be told, I’m an over thinker, its just who I am, I over analyze, to the degree that some things get placed on the back burner until I am forced to make a decision.  After revisiting old journal entries, vision boards and re-caping the last 10 years of my life, I noticed that I accomplished so much, but did I do the things I said I would do? Was I living life to the fullest?  Living out my full potential? and if I were to look back at this year and opportunity, would there be regret? There are so many questions and what if’s but, you will never know unless you indulge in the things that are a little scary and unfamiliar.  In conclusion, I had to just do it, whats the best that can happen?!

Need more?  If you are looking for a good read and need a clear guide to shift your mindset, I recommend

The Invisible Chameleon

by Michelle Smith

Click image above to Shop

I hope you enjoyed reading my latest blog entry! I’d love to hear your stories and the steps you take or have taken when faced with changing areas of your life!  Please  feel free to share your questions and comments below.

15 May

Tropical Bikini Vibes…


One word, Yaaass! Mexico was well needed, and when in tropical places, why not fully indulge in au courant prints!! I  can honestly say, I am currently into this travel bikini trend.  I’m low-key, high key obsessed with these items which are listed in the round up below.  The best part about it, its super affordable and uber cute! I paired this look with a pair of fab cutesy earrings and my fav Gucci shades ! Hope you Like!


28 Apr

What I Wore + My Fav High Leg Bikini’s

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